Guest Speaker

Mr. Marules has been invited to speak about insurance related topics on numerous occasions for a variety of organizations. Please contact us if you would like Mr. Marules as a guest speaker for your organization.

“Auto Accident Reconstruction Seminar for Licensed Claims Adjusters and Private Investigators.” This working seminar is designed to train adjusters and private investigators in the various techniques used on a daily basis by accident reconstruction experts across the United States. Our goal is to help students make more informed, provable and cost effective proximate cause decisions. Real Life case studies add realism to the learning process.

“Defending Nighttime Auto/Pedestrian Accidents.” This working seminar is designed to train adjusters and private investigators in the areas of nighttime perception/reaction time, stopping distances, lane changes, avoidance maneuvers, effects of headlight aim, driver expectancy issues, the affects of pedestrian clothing and then apply that knowledge to pending or future nighttime pedestrian accidents.

“Accident Reconstruction Seminar for Legal Assistants.” An instructional seminar to assist legal assistants in understanding accident reconstruction techniques. Presented to the Houston Legal Assistants Association. This seminar qualifies for CLAE credit under the limited non-substantive law category for Certified Legal Assistants in attendance. Houston, Texas. December 2, 1989.

“Accident Reconstruction Seminar.” An instructional seminar for interested attorney, claims adjuster and legal assistants regarding accident reconstruction techniques and problem solving. Houston, Texas. November 17, 1990.

“Auto Accident Reconstruction.” An instructional seminar approved by the State Bar of Texas, Course number: 298000001. This course has been approved by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for credit towards the continuing legal education requirements for certification re-certification in Personal Injury Trial Law. This course has been certified for 7 hours MCLE credit. Houston, Texas. Held on April 28, 1993 and October 27, 1993.

“Low Speed Impacts.” An instructional seminar regarding low speed auto rear-end accidents and their relationship to the negotiating process. Presented to the staff of John M. Devlin, Attorney at Law. Houston, Texas. October 7, 1996.

“Defeating the No Damage = No Injury Theory.” An instructional seminar regarding low speed impact damage and the human injury threshold potential. Presented to the law firm of Terry Bryant & Associates. Houston, Texas. November 27, 1996.

“Saving Investigative Dollars: Issues & Answers.” An instructional seminar regarding the most effective use of accident reconstruction experts with respect to costs and expenses. Presented to the legal staff of Waldman & Smallwood, P.C., Attorney at Law. February 22, 1997.

“Practical Auto Accident Investigation Tools.” An instructional seminar regarding useful investigative tools when dealing with insurance fraud claims. Presented to AIG Claim Services, Inc., S.I.U. Special Investigators. Houston, Texas. March 5, 1997.

“Effective Methods of Accident Reconstruction.” Author and Guest Speaker for South Texas College of Law, Personal Injury Law Conference: Keys to Success. April 14, 2000. Houston, Texas.

“Daubert/Robinson Challenge Seminar.” Guest speaker and seminar participant on behalf of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association. May 18, 2000. Houston, Texas.

“Developing Intersectional Crash Defenses.” A symposium regarding the investigation, development, analysis and implementation of intersection accident defenses. Prepared for Scottsdale Insurance Company Transportation Unit, Scottsdale, Arizona. December 14, 2000.

“Auto Accident Reconstruction Techniques” Guest Speaker and Author of Accident Reconstruction Course Seminar presented to the claims staff of Germania Insurance Company. Brenham, Texas October 26, 2005.

“Auto Accident Reconstruction Techniques” Guest Speaker and Author of Accident Reconstruction Course Seminar presented to the claims staff of US Auto Insurance Company. Dallas, Texas May 2, 2006.

“Lamp Examination-On or Off-in Traffic Accidents.” The scientific analysis of headlight and taillight operations malfunctions and damage etiology.

“Tire Examination Following Accidents.” A scientific analysis of the relationship of pre-crash tire damage to accident causation.

“Q & A Experts on Lawyers.” Article published in the Texas Bar Journal, September, 2006, Vol. 69, No 8 and in The Texas Investigator, winter 2006-2007, vol. XI, issue 4.

“Auto Accident Reconstruction Seminar.” Guest Speaker. Instructional seminar presented by the law firm of Vidaurri, Lyde, Gault & Quintana, L.L.P. November 1, 2007, Harlingen, Texas.

“Do You Really Need an Accident Reconstruction Expert?” Guest Speaker. Regional members of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI). February 11, 2009. Houston, Texas.

“Investigative Tools for Nighttime Pedestrian Cases.” Guest Speaker, 2016 World Private Investigators Conference, La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa, August 16-19, 2016. Sponsored by PI Magazine and the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI).