Accident Reconstruction Expert

auto accident skid marksIn an auto accident reconstruction case, where uncertainty can often determine who is at fault, having some knowledge can help. Following are some interesting items that just might help your case.



Did you know that …

a critical factor in determining speed from skid marks is the roadway drag factor … and that 99% of the time the police never try to figure it out!

nighttime reaction time could be 3 or 4 times longer than during daylight!

a loaded 18 wheeler will skid the same distance as a Volkswagen if they start skidding at the same time from the same initial speed!

Black Box speed numbers may not be accurate!

tires larger than the original manufacturer ones will increase your speed but it will not show up on your speedometer!

low beam headlights only shine about 150 feet making nighttime pedestrian accidents very defensible!

air brakes on large trucks may actually increase the vehicles stopping distance!

Texas roads with line of sight visibility less than 500 feet should have a warning sign!

speed limits on roadway curves may be too high causing some cars to lose control!

sun glare is a good defense if properly investigated!

more lights at an accident site may have actually contributed to the accident!

a vehicles front wheels may actually lose contact with the pavement if the vehicle hydroplanes!

a skidding vehicle has no steering input!

human injury threshold for “whiplash” may occur at impact speeds as slow as 5 miles per hour!

a driver’s “Field of Vision” decreases as speed increases!

Anti-Lock brakes do not make you stop sooner!

failed “Evasive Action” is not a negligence issue!

drivers and passengers with seatbelts can be ejected anyway!

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